Featured Teachers


Mr James Tey

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (NTU) / Post Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE)

Mr Tey is a former teacher with the Ministry of Education.
He is a trained teacher from the National Institute of Education Singapore with more than 18 years of teaching experience in Mathematics, and is also a skilled computer specialist whose works are presented at programmes at some of Singapore's premier venues for Education and the Arts. Mr Tey is a key co-ordinator of bursary-scholarships with disadvantaged pupils both locally and internationally for a welfare organization. He is also a recipient of the most supportive teacher award from the ministry, and was one of the key presenters for the National Mathematics Conference at NIE. Mr Tey is a dedicated teacher and all of his students improved or did well under his coaching.

Mr Tan

Master in Education (RMIT); Bachelor of Arts with Dip Ed in English Language (NTU); Post Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE)

Mr Tan is a former teacher, under the ministry's scholarship, with the Ministry of Education (MOE Singapore) and was also involved in the committee of MOE curriculum planning board. Trained in teaching both primary and secondary education, Mr Tan is a teacher with more than 20 years of experience in teaching the subjects of English Language and General Paper. He heads an active welfare organization and is a well received writer with several lists and publications. Being a humorus and engaging teacher, he well liked by his students and they never feel bored in his classes.


Mr Roy Chua

B.Eng Hons - Chemical Engineering (NUS)

Mr Chua is an experienced teacher with more than 5 years of experience in teaching Science. He have had many proven records of helping students excel and do well in the subjects he teaches. He is clear in his explanation of concepts and is a responsible and dedicated tutor to all his students. He is well received by students and had many positive feedback from his students about this teaching.


Mr Kevin Koh

B.Science Hons (NUS)

Mr Kevin is a qualifed, committed and approachable teacher who is clear in his explanation and always gives his best in assisting students excel in the subject he teaches. Over the years, he has helped many students improve in their studies under his guidance. There are many positive feedback on Mr Kevin's teaching as he is clear in his explanation of concepts, and always help students perform to their fullest in their studies.