Testimonials / Reviews

Tan Jia Min - Hwa Chong Institution (JC )

Attending General Paper classes with Mr Tan has helped built up my confidence in tackling the subject. I learnt how to approach and identify the subtleties and assumptions hidden within an essay question, and then adequately answer the questions. Mr Tan's passion and mastery of the English language rub off on his students, and I find my language standard and writing skills improving gradually. His extensive knowledge of history and current affairs are also unreservedly imparted to his students. Mr Tan is additionally highly enthusiastic in his teaching, and never fails to makes his lessons lively. What I deeply appreciate about Mr Tan is that he takes much time and effort to scrutinise and provide feedback on our individual work, which is something teachers in school usually can't afford to time to do for each student. He also cares deeply for his students and gets to know them on a personal level, and is ever ready to offer advice and encouragement when we feel stressed or upset. Attending his GP lessons has been so helpful in many ways I couldn't have previously imagined, and I'm really thankful for all he has done for me!

Shjonathan Tan - ACS Independent

From a fail in A-math for my mid-year exams, my grades improved to a B3 within half a year with the help of Mr Tey. In addition to the practice he assigned at Camden, he also helped me with some of my personal problems. He is like a friend tutor to me. Mr Tey continued to cleared my doubts and reinforced my concepts when I only obtained an A2 for my E Math exams. He constantly encouraged me to work hard nearing the ‘O' levels. I would not have an obtained A1s for both my mathematics without his help.


Gabriel Ng - Clementi Town Secondary: Mr. Tan is an exceptionally caring teacher who carries happy disposition throughout my years with him as a student since my primary school days. He always encourage productive discussions and debates among classmates during lessons, and the classes have allowed me to better express my perspectives on contemporary issues and improve my linguistic skills. I have successfully obtained a very much improved grade for English Language for my GCE O level examination! Mr. Tan is one of the best teachers I could have hoped to come across in my life, and I would definitely recommend Mr Tan to any student who wishes to improve on his or her English language.

Mr. Tey is a joyous teacher who is able to teach Mathematics in a very professional and yet enjoyable manner. He employs effective teaching techniquess. Mr Tey proceeds to take constructive steps to carefully break down each equation or formulae we were unable to comprehend and guided us through it. I feel that Mr Tey had always exercises a great deal of patience and zest towards his students. My mid-year mathematics grade of D7 has improved tremendously to a B3 for the GCE O level examinations. I am extremely glad to have had such a wonderful Maths teacher with such a fine caliber in both teaching and cultivating greatness in students.

Tan Zi Yi - Jurong Secondary: At Camden, learning under Mr Tan and Mr Tey has been fruitful to my studies in school. Before I joined Camden as a student, I was failing Additional Mathematics. Once I started lessons with Mr Tey, I was able to better to understand challenging concepts due to his step-by-step, detailed, analysis and explanations of the questions that we ask. He also prepared many challenging questions that he had gathered from past exams to aid our learning. Through much practice and reinforcement of concepts learnt, along with constant encouragement and very helpful advice, I was able to overcome my difficulties in the subject to attain an A2 grade for both E Math and A Math at the ‘O' levels. Under Mr Tan, I learnt skills for the examinations not normally taught in school. The strategies he imparted have helped me to improve my essay writings, allowing me to attain better scores than I previously did. My comprehension skills had also improved under him through the numerous practices we went through in class, and the different question variations found in past years' and other schools' papers. This helped me to score an A grade for English which I have been aiming for right from the start. Thank you Camden Education Centre!

Tan Zi Xian - Kranji Secondary: I have learnt much at Camden. Mr Tan has imparted many skills to me, which give me an advantage over my peers. This made me much more mindful of certain aspects of writing, and consequently raised both my content and language scores. Gradually, from my unremarkable B4, I improved and started scoring As for my english, and found more consistent results in my writing. Apart from English, Mr Tan has also taught me (both consciously and unknowingly) about important values that helped shaped my character. Furthermore, Mr Tan understands our standards and levels of proficiency in each area, and does his best to help us improve.
Mr Tey had helped me improve my understanding and mastery of each topic, and gave me greater confidence to attempt questions I had never tried before. Mr Tey is a very patient teacher from the way he helped to clarify our doubts. He ensures that no one is left behind, and that everyone can understand and apply what they have learnt in class.


Ivan Lee - ACS Barker

Mr Tey is a teacher who understands that the first step to learning a subject is to like it. With that said, he made his Math classes really fun. In Secondary 3, Math was the subject I hated the most but under his guidance, I found myself looking forward to the next question. All the concepts were clearly explained in class and he made sure that all of us, his students, had “no doubts”. I really owe my tremendous jump from a D7 to an A1 in A Math in the O levels to him. I am lucky to have been his student!


Cheryl Lee - St. Margaret Secondary: Mr Tan is a spontaneous teacher who is funny and firm at the same time. He always makes English lessons interesting in his own unique way. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have improved so much for English. THUMBS UP TO MR TAN!